Subject: How I feel about The Intern 24/7

The idea for The Intern 24/7 started on a flight home to London after interning in New York. I had spent the previous 15 months feeling like a slave to the fashion industry. OK a slight exaggeration, but not by much.... think of me as Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, minus the observed makeover and sticky love interest, I never got any of that. I was about to touch down in London and head straight back to university to begin my final year at uni, writing the dreaded dissertation and what I anticipated would be a long search for a job in the fashion industry.  

So... I was feeling overwhelmed, a little sad but grateful for what I had just achieved and for the many experiences and encounters I had. Back when I was 18 and starting my journey of studying fashion, I never expected that I would work for some of the coolest brands and agencies in fashion, would live in New York and certainly didn’t expect to get stuck in a lift with Kylie Jenner (one of the many ridiculous things that happened on the job in NYC). But life as an intern wasn’t as I expected it to be. At times it conformed to the usual stereotypes (thank you Devil Wears Prada) of fashion interning and other times blew them apart. 

As I was reflecting on the year I had spent in the industry, I realised how unprepared I was. No website, university lecture, YouTube talk or blog I had read, was realistic, open, or balanced when compared to what I had experienced.  

When I began to share with friends and family, images and experiences from my interning life, they asked questions, laughed and at times questioned what I was telling them! I can’t tell you which family member or friend pushed me to share my experiences online… but it was one of them (you guys fight amongst yourselves). So that’s when The Intern 24/7 was born.  

I wanted a site on the internet that presented an authentic representation of what the life of a fashion intern could be like, in order to support those about to undertake or consider interning, either as gaining experience for a job or as part of a university/college course. So I started to share my journey, experiences, and tips I had picked up along the way. As the site grew, so did the content… the site very quickly became more than just me and my story.  Experiences of interns all around the world have been shared and I was able to interview some of the industries greatest.  

Before I knew it, I was asked to guest edit on some of my favourite online websites, appeared on the BBC (I won’t relive that), speak at events and guest lecture at universities. Life away from the 9-6 became very hectic. 

I was soon unable to write as much as I would like. I was juggling a full-time job (yep I did get that prized first job), freelance work and the site. As my day job became more demanding, it was easy to forget what life was like as an intern - something I never thought would happen. However, I was keen for the conversation to continue and wanted others to share their experiences and ideas on a more permanent basis. So, I advertised on 3 different websites and was overwhelmed with the response.  

2- ish years on… and The Intern 24/7 is now a team of 5 and I couldn’t be more overwhelmed, happy and excited. Not only do our readers have access to my above average content, but the funny, well-informed content from New York, Alabama, London and coming soon…. Australia.  

The site is now a place for you to be inspired and informed on all areas of your working life, whether that be you starting out, graduating university/college or looking to get your first job. 

A few friends recently asked me how I felt about the blog I started no longer being just mine... and to tell you the truth, I feel pretty ok with it.

More minds are better than one 'n' all that. 

Kind regards, 


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