Subject: A ‘typical’ day in the life of The Intern (PR)

I use ‘typical’ very loosely as no day is the same. Well, sometimes they can be really similar but always something happens that puts a spanner in the works and stop things being predictable. So I’ll try my best. Being a PR intern is busy, chaotic and exciting, without sounding too harsh you need to have your act together. Great memory helps as well! So you walk in the office at 9 am (Company dependent of course), having collected the post which is mainly magazines and newspapers. You delegate the newspapers and magazines between the other interns (if you’re lucky to have team mates) and the rest of the PR team. Hopefully you will have some time to look through a couple, checking for company coverage. Now by coverage I mean anything that involves the company you’re working for, whether that is a single brand or an agency. With a PR agency you obviously look for all the brands/clients they manage. After searching and reading a few of the self-help pages, you feedback anything you’ve found to your managers. Top tip number 1 – Your managers won’t have time to read through everything so stick to top stories, anything big that’s happened in fashion, so they can keep up to date with precise information. You then start on the to do list that you conscientiously made the night before. Yes, thinking ahead! Things on the to do list might include…


  • Send out to Elle – Donna Wallace 11am (Sophia Webster samples)

  • Send out The Kooples samples back to their head office in Paris

  • Research possible event location for a client launch party

  • Deliver a few invitations to popular London hotels

  • Run over to Poppy Delevingne’s house to give her a dress for her event that evening

  • Finish reading those magazines you never got round to reading earlier in the morning or yesterday

  • Shoot at 2pm for Wonderland magazine (Go and observe with your boss)

  • Train another intern on FASHION GPS


Here are a few things that you might have found in my diary while I was a PR intern for an agency. No day is typical and of course some manual and admin based jobs will be in there. Generally however though you could be all over the place (In the best possible way) Top tip 2: Speak out! If you want to be involved in something your boss is doing, then ask! Sometimes they won’t be able to take you but you never know unless you ask!

After checking that ‘mini’ to do list try and get some lunch. Devil wears Prada style “I didn’t get to eat today” doesn’t really fly in the real world. Most companies will tell you to get lunch whenever you want and won’t give you a set time. From that day on they aren’t your mother; if you don’t take time out for yourself you won’t get it. IT’S NOT ILLEGAL TO TAKE YOUR LUNCH BREAK! If anything you’ll find yourself trying to explain to your boss why you haven’t gone! After lunch it’s carrying on with that to do list while being thrown a few new jobs that are unexpected. Roll with it, you’re not a superhero just try prioritise what’s the most important. Around 5pm you will be asking yourself if its home time yet? Start to make tomorrow’s to do list. Be realistic if you’re not going to get it done, don’t pretend you will!


There’s always tomorrow…


6/6:30/7pm its time to go home unless of course you are working an event or something urgent has popped up? Time to leave, switch off and of course… check Instagram.


Have any questions? You know the score.


Kind regards,


The Intern


P.s Big thanks to Melanie at @lightheartedlettering for this awesome shot!

Hannah Rafter