Who's a fan? Who's never heard of it? Well either way it's about to change your life. Yes. It does what it says on the tin... Interns go to this website and leave a review on their internship experience. Now. I will say I've read the website a few times... purely because it's interesting and secondly OF COURSE I typed in the companies I worked for before I started (They were all clear) Anyway - you can go to this site, type in the company you want to/about to work for an see if anyone has left a review on a certain internship they completed.

Now this review can be positive it's not all company bashing - but when they bash... they bash hard. It's a great way to see one persons experiences.

You should take it all with a pinch of salt however. Consider what type of intern they were as well not just how shitty the company was.

Some interns just like to vent. And some are actually giving an honest account of their time.

Just to clarify I have never given a review on that site. Guess I don't need to... I talk to you guys instead.



Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter