Subject: Who else is Brenda?

Hi team, 

Working in the fashion industry sometimes can be a little strange, you're surrounded by clothes 24/7 whether that's in a showroom or you spend your day staring at street style photography... whatever you do - the likely hood is that you're looking at clothes all day long.

Now have you ever looked at something and just thought... really?!

I love fashion 'n' all but that's taking it a little far. When I saw this lovely image thanks to Florrie Thomas at Harpers Bazaar I instantly thought I'm Brenda!! 

I'm so Brenda! You know my style, I wear Navy, Black, White and Grey maybe a pale blue if it's Friday. I have never been extravagant or had wacky clothes.

But that's ok? Right? I'm allowed to work in fashion and look like I work at a bar? 

Totally acceptable.

Show some support and make me feel better about myself.

Who else is a Brenda?!


Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter