Subject: How to get the most out of your internship

So, you’ve got the internship, you’re starting to cope with the fact that you’re going to be getting up early every day, and you’ve stocked up on coffee – now you need to be sure to make the most of your time in whatever you’re doing! You probably aren’t going to be getting paid, so it’s important to get as much as you can from your experience!


Take notes…

Keep a diary of your day-to-day activities, write down anything new you do and what you’ve learned. This can be very useful to come back to at a later date, if you choose to re-visit any techniques you’ve learned.

Collect cards…

Whenever you go on an errand, get a business card or contact detail, and put them in a good old-fashioned address book, or something similar. Contacts are everything in fashion, so make the most of visiting these places!


No! There’s always something to do! If you feel there’s nothing you can be doing right now, tidy. If you’ve tidied, or there’s no need to, then speak up. Don’t wait around to be given a task, ask for one.

Get chatting…

Talk to the people you work with, the other interns, your boss… everyone. Not only will you seem friendlier, you might make a valuable contact, or even a friend out of it. Even if you’re terribly shy like me, there comes a time when you’ll learn the importance of speaking up and reaching for that inner confidence (it’s in there somewhere guys)!

Ask for help

If you’re unsure, ask. Simple. Don’t be stuck with something because you’re too shy to show that you don’t know everything, stop being silly, and just ask!

Be Punctual

Get to work on time (that means early), and if you’re going to be late because of things you can’t control, let your employer know. Punctuality and time management are critical for success in most fields, so make a habit of it now.

Be resourceful and use your brain

Offer solutions, don’t be shy! If you think of an idea, then put it forward. From experience, this will most likely not be suitable, but if you work for decent enough people, they’ll explain why it won’t work, and you’ll learn more about the company. However, if it’s a good idea, you’ll get added rep, and you’ll feel pretty good too.

The best piece of advice on this topic is really just to acknowledge that this is a time that you need to make the most of. You will find your own tips and tricks with experience and time, so go get ‘em!


Kind regards,

Erin Heeks

Hannah Rafter