Subject: Guess who will be writing for Fashion United...

 Yes me. Duh


I have been asked by the wonderful FashionUnited editorial team to complete a guest series with them. That's exciting isn't it? and it's all down to this little old thing. 


I wanted to briefly talk about putting yourself out there. When I started writing... yes I'm going to continue calling this writing instead of blogging. I just am not a blogger.


Anyway when I started putting myself out there with my experiences and my writing I was so surprised with how many like minded people there were out there. Not only that, but how so many companies wanted the voice I was giving. Whatever you are doing whether thats design, maths, finance, commuter science - see if you can do something more with it rather than just studying it or interning in that area.


Do you enjoy writing? Write about it! Do you enjoy photography? Take photos of it... you get the message.


I know we live in a heavily documented world. Some days I think that's a bad thing but then other times I realise that sharing your experiences, stories and passions with others can lead to exciting new things.


So give it a go. See what might come of it and if nothing comes of it... share your passions on The Intern 247. I would love to know what the world of computer science has to offer.

Check out - get to know them and very soon they'll be getting to know me.


Kind regards,


The Intern

Hannah Rafter