Subject: Keep your friends close but your fellow interns closer

Now I’ve made this sound like fellow interns are you enemies haven’t I? Didn't mean to, just needed to think of a snappy subject line this week. How did I do? Not great? Ok then. Anyway, what I mean is the fashion industry is extremely competitive. You fight other guys and girls for that one spot in the company of your dreams. Then on your first day you realise you’re not the only one. Yep that's right, some b**** steals your thunder and you have to get along with this person for the next however many months. Without realising you have just met your future best friend, lifesaver and the only person who will understand what a 9-5 is like. (9-5 is a kind of loose timeslot). Fellow interns will be your partners in crime, the only person who’s going to cover for you and save your ass when it’s needed. So DON'T see them as the enemy. You never know they might just be a little luckier than you and reach a managerial role before you but...


Remember that one girl/guy you used to work with when you were still interning? Did you know he’s head buyer for Burberry.


Oh no, we lost touch.


You don't want that to be you.


Keep your friends close but your fellow interns closer.


Kind regards,


The Intern


P.s Incase your wondering who these little munkins are up top... meet 2 of my closest pals. I met both of these ladies while interning and have remained close pals with them ever since. This photo was taken when they came out to New York to visit me. *cute*

Hannah Rafter