Subject: Why Subject?

A dear reader of The Intern 247 emailed me recently asking about the format of this site. I like inquisitive minds and thought... she can't be alone so lets answer it in a post.

She wanted to know why I start every post with Subject: and end it Kind regards, and then whoever wrote the piece (normally me, Avery or Erin)

Well... lovely reader who I won't name names.

It's an email format, quite obvious now you know right. One of the first things I can remember learning about the world of work/interning/being professional/ being an adult was how to write an email or a letter. Back then the norm was letter writing, so I mainly learnt about the format of a letter, but you know its 2016 and I only now receive letters from my dear Nan.

Being an intern you send out maybe 20-30 emails a day, having your own email as an intern is a big deal if you're not under info@ or intern@ or anything that's not generic it's a big deal... at least it was to me.

So I thought when I started this website it would be nice to have a format. Like you all were receiving an email for me every now and then.

Is that lame? Maybe it is. But it's stuck now... so get use to it.


Kind regards,


The Intern 

Hannah Rafter