Subject: Appropriate dressing for summer

Now this is completely dependent on your place of work. Although some fashion brands/agencies/fashion companies still aspect you to dress fairly formally for work. (That’s shit – sorry) But for the rest of you lucky trendy folk who get to wear ripped jeans and Birkenstocks till your hearts content – what do you wear in the summer?

I’m all for wearing whatever you want, its all-personal style and you should only dress for yourself. Etc etc etc.

But I have found myself questioning oh wait… is that a little much/low/short/summery when getting ready in the morning.

It's like going back to school days and hating wearing a school uniform, and then when you go to college and you get the freedom of style. You so desperately wish you had a uniform again.

Winter I’m fine with, winter I know, know well. I wear jumpers, jeans, coats, boots, scarfs, and hats. Basically, anything that’s comfortable and covering.

The summer comes along and I’m lost. Really lost. I hate shorts with a passion; I rarely get on with dresses. So I’m left with Jeans and a top. If you know London at all, jeans in summer on the tube is MURDER. But for the past 2 years I’ve sucked it up and ploughed through all simply because I refuse to we shorts to work.

So this summer. I’ve decided I would try. But are shorts appropriate? Are skirts really appropriate unless they’re knee length? Vogue and Elle have apparently been commentating on this issue, but as usual they've been fairly unhelpful in answering the question- they simple through at you £150 shorts that are not only hideous, they are also way out of my budget.

So whats appropriate for summer style in the work place?!?! Sorry guys I didn’t really answer this question, I've basically done exactly what Vogue do but given you no options. Hey I’m not a stylist.

Better get myself ZARA. I'll let you know what I find. 

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Hannah Rafter