Subject: In the beginning

I have never been what you would call “fashionable”.


Don’t get me wrong I don’t spend my whole life in a nylon tracksuit; I’ve just never had a proper education in fashion and consequently have followed the tried and trusted formula of jeans, t-shirt and sweater (Which in my opinion there is nothing wrong with that!)


I do however have an appreciation; I have friends who see themselves at the cutting edge of fashion and can turn up on any given night out looking like they fell off the front page of GQ. Many a time I have looked at them with envious eyes, mentally rifling through my wardrobe desperately wondering how I can copy their style, whilst always ending up back at square one.


In panic I always seem to flee to the idea that “anything can be fashionable”, except secretly I’m not sure that a plain old Primani T-shirt or that shirt you bought from a gig a few years back necessarily is part of that rule.


So after years of jealousy and the many attempts to convince myself a sports hoody can be considered cool I think it’s time to turn things round; I am going to try and become fashionable.


If this were a movie I’m sure most of the cast would at this point fall about laughing, whilst someone at the back of the room shouts “you? Fashionable?”


I have a sinking feeling I am going to have to swallow my pride. I’m going to have to admit to my fashionista friends what was really underneath all my bravado, begging their forgiveness and enlisting their aid in my rise from rag tag to runway.


It’ll take a while I know; but I reckon I can do it.


Prepare yourself because fashion I’m coming for you!


Gentleman… have you been through a similar transition? Any tips… guidelines… help!?


Anything let me know. 


Kind regards,


Chris Reddington 

Hannah Rafter