Subject: They say it's never too late


This is Sophie Bridge everyone. 


Can I introduce myself as your elder? Probably not... but that’s certainly how it feels sometimes going into an internship as a 25 year old woman. 

8 months ago I quit my full time job, gave up my bachelor (ette) pad and moved into my dad’s. It’s been hell ever since...


The reason I did this was simple (no I didn’t have a mid life crisis - I plan to live until I’m 103), I could see a fairly rewarding future for myself as a graduate should I get the relevant experience now (whilst I’m still in good spirits about my age).


Taking the first step was easier than I’d imagined but it fractured my dignity in ways that I can only compare to being run over by stationary Louis Vuitton luggage.


The first time this happened was during the alarming occasion when I checked my bank statement, post mid life crisis (I’ll go with this term for ease). There is nothing glamorous about being an intern, you can kiss goodbye to your daily Starbucks hit and patent leather shoe addiction.

The second time my dignity vanished without as much as a warning (and the time I realised I had to take back control), was during an interview with an uber trendy PR agency in Shoreditch. It was a pleasant day - I’d been utterly drenched on my seventh trip around the block and despite still being 15 minutes early, I decided it was time to make an entrance. Upon realising I was probably the oldest person in the office, going for the lowest ranked job, I knew I had to brush this assumed information off my shoulders and go in there fighting.


To cut a long story short – I was patronised like you couldn’t imagine, but in all honesty this really was a one off. I’ve been interning for over a year now (I started before I gave up everything), and the vast majority of companies weren’t remotely concerned about my age.


As far as taking back control is concerned (it’s less threatening than it sounds), I’ve just learned to remember why I’m doing this, and what I can achieve after this whirlwind experience as an intern. I keep my wrinkly old head held high, and I recommend you do the same – you won’t regret it and neither will your bank statement.


It’s been a pleasure,


Kind regards,

Sophie Bridge 

Hannah Rafter