Subject: IMPORTANT! Where to go for after work drinks

Now I hope you, like me, understand the importance of an after work drink. Its key, its life changing and will help you through some serious tough times.

It’s also another way to keep that social life (yeah remember that thing?) alive. So grab some fellow interns, your sister, brother, old friend, new friend, ANYONE. Or keep it cool and go by yourself and go grab a drink.

Here are my top 5 suggestions based on what area you are in. Sorry international readers this is London based only… I will do a NYC one though! Soon – Promise.



1. South Bank – Las Iguanas (Not very adventurous) however its 241 all the time… Looking out for my unpaid interns. Its got a great view of the view, great drinks, and near a station/tube. Dream.

2. Kingly Court – If you’re a magazine intern (Hearst magazines) in London this area will be your heaven, it has great food places (a plus) and a lot of drinks options. It’s really atmospheric and easy to get to from any directions. Plus a stone through away from Carnaby street and liberty… do I need to say anymore?

3. The Littleton Arms – Camden Now a few retailers… industry offices are in Camden, drinking hub there are tons of places but this one if differently work a visit. Plus it’s always filled with people who work in fashion so its nice chance to mingle. Anyway more importantly, they have GREAT Prosecco deals (No brainer?)

4.  The Cocktail Club – For any of you guys who are rolling around in money (paid interns) or for a treat… This place is divine. A bit more pricey… but amazing. If anything go for the experience and the generosity of alcohol.

5. Bar Story – Peckham This place is Uber cool… maybe a little bit too cool for me. It’s an Instagram worthy atmosphere, cheap and cheerful. Young vibe, good drinks and great music. Perfection.


Writing this list I realise I’ve only picked 5 bars…from 5 different locations around London… There are SOO many places to go. 

Let me know where you go for after work drinks…I need to get some new hangouts… You never know I might catch you in there. 


After work drinks is a regular thing for me - don't be worried.

Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter