Subject: Fashion and Fitness - hand in hand

I appreciate there is nothing more boring than the constant talk about weight, food, exercise. I find my involved in these conversations a lot whether its with my friends, work colleagues, family, strangers. You name it it’s the pivotal conversation amongst women let alone women that work in fashion.


Anyway, this post isn’t about talking about all that stuff. It’s about actually doing all that stuff. There is nothing worse than someone who talks about food, weight and exercise but never actually does any.


So while interning especially when you’re commuting and your sole goal is to get as much time to yourself as possible. Get the train that gets you in on time and hopefully get a train home that doesn’t mean you’ll be eating dinner at half 8. Fashion = long hours, fashion and being a commuter = when the hell are you mean to work out? Let alone have a social life.


I’ve just about cracked it. Bear with me; some people may think this is a fairly obvious point.


I would get up half an hour earlier than I normally would and go for a run. THIS IS A REAL STRUGGLE. But not as much as coming home after a long day at work, your feet kill and then deciding to go for a run – that’s impossible. Try getting it out of the way.


Now this next piece of advice some people find crazy/ waste of time or simply stupid. Me on the other hand enjoy it a lot. Ok you can’t really consider it serious exercise.


I like to walk, I may have mentioned that a few times now (sorry) but I use to walk from waterloo to Regent Street. It’s not as far as it sounds


Tube time: 12 Minutes


Walking time: 40 Minutes


Slight difference I know – but I loved it! Getting to walk around London in the morning when its quiet I see as a complete treat. I’m not a huge fan of the tube, although it’s a wonderful invention and in times of classic British weather its great most of the time I prefer to walk. It’s that little bit of exercise; fresh air and I love starting my day walking over Waterloo Bridge.


So try it. Maybe once a week decide to walk to work.


God I sound like one of those hippy guru’s talking about fresh air and the importance of walking.


Ok I’m stopping.


Kind regards,


The Intern


Hannah Rafter