Subject: Why Am I Interning?

You know when you have planned a moment down to a tee, but somehow it didn’t quite pan out how you imagined? Well, imagine that was supposed to be a year of your life.


You thought your placement year would be full of exciting possibilities, everyone would be queuing up to get a piece of the new IT intern, when in reality it is full of rejection letters and an empty bank account.


It’s been three months since I started my placement journey and I’ve recently questioned whether this was even the right route to go down. To put it loosely, I had a slight freak out. 


I forgot why I was doing it, what the whole point of taking a year out in industry was. I started dreading going into work and found minor faults in everything I was doing. It most certainly did not help that everyone was going back to university, so all I saw on my Facebook feed was my best friends having the time of their life going into final year. 


Why wasn’t I there on the pub-crawl having the time of MY life? 


I had forgotten some crucial information; this SHOULD be the year of my life. It’s my chance to put myself out there and to start figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my career. This is the time to put myself first. 


So gals and guys, here are four reasons as to why you are doing it, if like me, you ever have a slight wobble and need a reminder.


1. To Learn

Sorry to mention the obvious, and I thought I would get it out of the way first, but that is the whole point, the rest is merely a bonus. If like me, it’s part of your degree, you’ll soon realize that there’s only so much your tutor can teach you. This is the chance to learn from some of the best in the industry and I suggest you just go for it… you’ve got this. 


2. Your CV

Before I started my current placement I had no experience whatsoever in marketing and social media (my personal social media accounts featuring too many selfies is as close as it gets). The only thing that I had was my degree, Fashion Communication and Promotion, and I suppose it’s a plus that it covers a range of areas of the industry. The sole reason I decided on a placement was to build my CV so when I graduated people would think I would have some sort of clue. Who knows, I may still need to intern in two years time when I graduate, but I would rather have this initial experience to get me ahead for when the time comes.  


3. Contacts

You know the saying ‘It isn’t what you know, but it’s who you know’? Well, in this industry, that is certainly the case. This has been mentioned on Intern 247 so much already so I won’t babble on too much, I promise. BUT this is your chance to put yourself out there. Why are you special? Why do you deserve to be in this competitive industry? Show people what you are capable of. Believe in yourself, and people will start believing in you too. 


4. The People

I don’t know if I should have included this in the ‘Contacts’ section, and I suppose I could have, but by ‘The People’ I mean friends you might meet. I have met some of the most amazing and inspirational people from the three months I have been interning. They are genuinely friends for life, and if it wasn’t for my placement, I doubt I would’ve ever crossed paths. 


Everyone I have spoken to has had a wobble or two, so if this happens to you, you know you’re not alone. This is a rollercoaster of a journey, but remember these four reasons to ensure it’s the ride of your life (how cringe was that?!). 


Kind regards, 

Chloe French

Hannah Rafter