Subject: Shits about to get real... Happy Results Day!

Hello friends.


I wanted to drop a little note while some of you might be collecting your results/ crying over your results/ celebrating your results with an expensive bottle of prosecco your parents just gave you.


Let me take you back to my a level results day. Don't judge me for this.


I was in Barbados with my family (Yes I know ridiculous, I know how fortunate and cool my parents are) I was so nervous in the days leading up to this day. I was never good at exams, still arn't and I hated the fact they determined a letter on a piece of paper which showed the world how intelligent i am. So like most i thought I'm gonna do shit, i won't get into uni and my life will be over.


I was dramtic. I remember speaking to my parents the night before, pre warning them and giving them the heads up that they'll be disappointed and i won't have done well.


Like most parents they re assured me that whatever the outcome was, we will figure it out and I'll be fine (Sweet right?)


So, I'm telling you now someone who got those results 4 years ago that it will be ok, it will be more than ok. 


I got my results 3 am my time,  I stayed up all night watching the London 2012 olympics. The first thing I received was a confirmation email from my university of my acceptance. This was MAJOR, I didn't even know my results yet, so the sheer relief that I got in no matter what the letters said was amazing.


I naturally started to cry. I then went to my college (school) emails and there they were. Letters, they looked a little blurry. I couldn't really take it all in, there was too much information. (any colleges or schools reading this - please make results slips more clear!)


I was disappointed, they weren't the grades I wanted or what I felt I deserved andI  don't believe they reflected my intelligence. They weren't bad at all, but I wasn't happy. 


I then thought - fuck the grades I got into UNI!! 


So before this becomes a boring diary letting me get back to reassuring you.


If you're happy with what you got - BE HAPPY! Don't let anyone take this day away from you, celebrate with your family (they helped you more than you realise at this stage) and then get really drunk with your friends. 


If you're not happy with what you got - take some time to process it, you're allowed to be upset and down. But then you need to pick yourself up, reflect on those 2 years and say to yourself you couldn't have done anymore and finally then accept them and then get really drunk with your friends.


Trust me - they are numbers and letters on a piece of paper. Getting into university isn't the only way, half of my friends went to university and half of them didn't. Some of my most successful friends are the ones that didn't get in and hustled hard.


Celebrate today whatever the outcome. You made it out alive.


Kind regards,


The Intern 


P.S Thank you to my family for taking me to Barbados and being great.

Hannah Rafter