Subject: Stop comparing yourself!

We've ALL suffered from Comparisonitis and the toll it takes on our self esteem! It's a nasty bug and can completely derail a day, a project, a dream, a relationship, or a career. It can even ruin a perfectly great sandwich.


But there's good news and here it is: you're not alone and there are ways to weed out this toxic way of thinking.


Raise your hand if you've ever dug deep into the social media archives of someone else's success and finished feeling a bit like someone had just kicked you in the stomach.


Oh, you have? Me too. A thousand times.


Now, raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by Regina George... Now, if you've ever missed an opportunity to quote Mean Girls. No? Ok, good. We're on the same page.


Moving on and no more hand raising. This isn't a fitness blog.


So, you recognize there's a problem and wish you could just get a grip. Well, don't. Don't be so hard on yourself *Queue Jess Glynne song*. Personal growth takes time and sometimes we never stop fighting the same internal battles. It's a matter of learning to have grace for yourself and being willing to get up and try again. "Getting a grip" won't happen in one big choice, but in a million little choices. Have patience with yourself – the kind you would have for a potty training puppy or something else really cute and lovable.



Now, with your sleeves rolled up, start developing some kick ass comebacks to shush that ugly inner voice. Getting in the habit of entertaining only the good stuff will do wonders for making you feel like the absolute babe you are.


You know what else will go a long way? Being active in supporting your fellow man (and woman). Lend your help and encouragement as often as you can and don't always expect something in return. Manipulation is the most cowardly tool to get ahead. Just be kind. The fashion industry and the world could use a lot more of that stuff. Aye men!


And you'll surprise everyone. (An added bonus.)


So the bottom line is this: You have this unique set of creative gifts and each one is super valuable. Don't be weighed down and distracted by the person next to you and your own bitterness.


You have so much to offer and comparison will squash it all.


You do you gurrll.


Erinn Preston 

Hannah Rafter