Subject: The Royal regime


 1) Breakfast like a king and look after your courtiers. That liquid cereal advert where the man is fully suited and booted and manages to get to work on time in the minute well it’s no surprise that the reality is not that easy.


If you get in your mocha and granola bar (we know you have already eaten the chocolate chip muffin) make sure you voluntary or not get the works order in and get it right. If all else fails make sure you keep spares of sugar in your handbag or draw. 


The above mentioned liquid cereal and other competitive versions are great for some but prepping the night before is best. Making that sandwich, overnight porridge or even purchase your lunch the night before means you will get to work distraction free.


Make sure you have supplies, make sure that your milk isn’t turning to yogurt and that the yogurt isn’t turning to cheese. Bread does not come in the blue version that’s just certain cheeses. If it has a rind make sure it was there on the purchase date.


2) In making sandwiches there’s certain etiquette - if you work in the communal office avoid the egg or sardines scenario.  To label ones lunch when in storage in the staffroom fridge has questionable advantages, avoid if possible as there’s just some bad mojo associated with naming anything in the office environment. However threatening to send the pauper who’s nicking your pot noodle to the gallows might stop them.


3) Get up earlier than you need to, once it gets set in a habit you won’t notice. Yes we all like sleeping. We all like comforts and that lovely duvet is like sleeping in a cloud but you need to be up and out with plenty of time for a productive day. Please avoid sleeping in your make up. It’s a crime to humanity and your 100% thread bed linen.


4) Theres no office butler. Keep that dish by the door with the things you need at hand. Unless you’re lucky you will have to do your own laundry, ironing and washing up. It’s a factor of life.


5)Ladies there are such things as handbag organisers than can be swapped in and out of your existing bag. Handbags of a large variety are usually filled with utter rubbish. Have a handbag that’s right for the job / task.


Essentials- tissues, deodorant, breath freshener / mints, make up bag, keys, phone and or tablet and a note book and pen, always a notebook and pen. Business cards and suitable holder, diamond encrusted a must. Address books are useful, possibly old fashioned but technology is great till the lights go out. Power packs are great if they are charged, working and safe otherwise it’s more junk in the oversized bag. Keep a couple of spare greeting cards for the missed moments.


6) Even royalty have email. Technology in all forms is there to help and make life easy. Make journey planner your friend. Look into travel cards as this can save money and the constant search to have the right fare.

Internal email diary and notifications are wonderful. Always think twice about sharing this with others though, your work doesn’t need your Bridget Jones or Belle De Jour account of your life.


7) Be prepared to be overthrown. Email your CV’s, references and important stuff to yourself. Not only is this back up but it’s there to forward on at a drop of a hat and they instantly have your contact details too. Networking the right way could mean you make the right impression to the right person at the right time, not the wrong person at the wrong time.


Kind regards,


Laura Sansom 


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