Subject: The chicks and dicks I met at NYFW

David beckham new york fashion week

I understand if you need a little minute to recover after looking at this beautiful man's face. I was fortunate enough to meet many famous faces during my time working the shows at New York fashion week. By meet I don't mean, we hung out had a few GnT's and are now whats-app buddies. I mean, I met them in a professional 'work' setting. Cool none the less. A few of you have asked me a numerous times how do you handle being around celebrities when you're meant to be working. See, its a blur... you see them, speak to them for less than 10 minutes and then they are gone.

Like it never happened.

And really apart from Solange Knowles I have no evidence that meeting them ever existed. So you can believe me or not. But what I will say, I was a true professional ;) as an intern and getting your camera out for a cheeky selfie as your racing them to their seat wouldn't have gone down too well. Although thanks to Ryan, my right hand man/photographer throughout fashion week there may be a photograph out there of Kelly Osborne pushing me into a car. Which I can guarantee wouldn't be my best angle.

So let me drop some serious names and tell you the story behind the all. I'm stating off with the most important.

David Beckham - Yes, I know. I full blown lost my shit and had a panic attack. Which I can safely say was the only person i met that I lost my cool with. I don't even like football but I can safely say this guy is everything you expect him to be but a little bit more. Firstly he's uncomfortably attractive, he smells like a haribo sweet and his style is second to none. I was working at Milk Studios; i was stood at the top of the stairs with a headpiece in (very devil wears Prada), although i was in Stan Smiths and not stilettos. So i get the message that 'DB' is arriving, and for about 4 minutes I'm thinking who the F*** is that. and there he was walking up the stairs with he equally handsome son, Brooklyn. I greeted him with an inappropriately big grin, he then gave me the look of "nice, your british" and started asking me about my day. I then went on to make a joke about the humidity, my hair, the fact I was wearing all black and that you would (wouldn't?) get this shitty heat in England... something along those lines. I regret doing most of the talking. He began talking to brooklyn about where they should go for dinner, so felt it was an in aPpropatie time for me to ask to be adopted. and that was that, I reckon Harper would have like a older sister. 

Kylie Jenner - Now I'm either going to get some serious likes or dislikes for what I'm about to say. Either way it doesn't matter, it was a strategic move to not allow comments on my posts incase you guys were ever offended by my words... or in this case die hard Kylie Jenner fans. I don't watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians so can't comment on how Kylie is on the show although i assume she's not hanging out in her kid pyjamas with no makeup on watching Friends. All I knew about her was what she portrayed on the internet... and it looks like she's one 16/17/18 year old thats verryyyy sure of herself. So i had my reservations she would be a complete nightmare to work with. She arrived and I've never seen anything like it, there was less security at the royal wedding. Ok that's an exaggeration but you know what I mean. It was a nightmare, when she final came out of the craziness into the show space you could see her persona change. She suddenly wasn't a big fish, she was a small fish in a tank of serious professionals who didn't really care that she has her own reality show or a new lipstick line out. I immediately saw her panic and un comfort.

Now I'm sure that has changed now she's considered a mini model, has her own clothing line and is related to Kanye 'fashionista' West. Anyway - i can safely say although she asked her management team if she looked ok about 20 times while i was with her, she was polite. I can confirm the lips are massive and her bum is a fairly normal size. 

P.S disclaimer : my life became extremely dull and uneventful after working New York Fashion Week - me hanging out with David isn't a regular thing. Yet.

 Kind regards,


Hannah Rafter