Subject: Are you fashion week ready?

So fashion week has come and gone, and we all know how much of a buzz it can be, but it can also be a super stressful time for us interns! When we face daily money woes (if this doesn’t apply to you, be thankful), long hours, and being in the middle of a stampede of crazy-gorgeous models, things can get a little intense (especially if like me you’re a socially awkward, anxious mess), and this can have terrible consequences. So, to avoid ill health, non-functioning brains and general grumpiness, here are a few tips to help you survive fashion week!


Getting out of bed


This, for me, is the hardest part, especially now it’s getting colder in England. But unfortunately, a duvet isn’t appropriate work attire, so it’s useful to have a few things to help you make the move and get up:

  • Try and get an outfit organised the day before – remember to keep shoes comfy, and maybe even check the weather when you put your look together, I will never forget the 30-degree summer’s day I decided to wear heels and a jumper… big mistake.

  • Wash your face as soon as you get up – this is really exhilarating, and wakes me up straight away, especially if you finish off with a splash of cold water (this is good for your pores too). Bonus points if you have a quick slightly-cold shower (but who actually has cold showers).

  • Coffee is your friend, but don’t overdo it! Try to get a good tasting stuff, if you can get a cafeteria that’s even better; or try tea if you’re not a coffee person. Try not to go over 3-4 cups of the good stuff a day, and avoid caffeine all together in the evening if you want to get your zzz’s.

  • Try having a good healthy breakfast of protein, fruit and veg. If an egg white and spinach omelette isn’t your thing, try just upgrading your normal breakfast by having brown bread instead of white, and a wholegrain or high fibre cereal instead of cocoa pops. This will mean you’ll have more energy throughout the day, and not just an instant sugar/carb rush that’ll leave you feeling crappy by 11AM. 


Making it through the day

  • Comfort – I can’t stress enough that you need to wear comfortable shoes, but also try layers. If you have a t-shirt, a jumper and a coat on, for example (not in summer, kids), then you always have the option of cooling off or warming up.

  • Get some headphones! I don’t know about you, but my music break to and from work, and while I’m on work errands, is my saving grace. Music can chill you out or get you energised, but I’d leave the chill for on your way home. The right song can help you wake up a little, and stop you falling asleep on the train (I recommend Wham! personally…).

  • Eating right – do not skip your lunch break! This is your time to refuel, so do it wisely. Make sure you’re eating good food, and taking the time to sit down and do so. This is a good time to top up on coffee too.


Keeping your health in check

  • If you’ve just moved to a different area for an internship, register with a doctor straight away. It’s better to be registered now than have to wait if you get sick.

  • Try to take a multivitamin every morning, with iron and other minerals. Not only is it good for your hair and skin, but it’ll improve your energy and keep you generally healthy.

  • Try to eat well – don’t let yourself get tempted by fast convenience food every day (every now and again is fine, but if it becomes a habit it can get you feeling sluggish), try to get enough fruit, veggies, protein and fibre.

  • Water – you need about 2-3 litres of water a day, so keep a water bottle on you at all times, especially if you’re travelling around a lot, or if you’re working in summer.


Having you-time when there’s no time

  • Keep on top of your skincare routine – it seems insignificant, but when you’re going through hectic times, having good skin is just really one less thing to worry about. Not only that, the process of washing your face is always therapeutic to me, try getting a bit of a massage in there too!

  • Spend all your free time doing exactly what you want to do. If you have personal errands to do, don’t count this as free time; when you have limited time to yourself you really need to make the most of it – if you want to stay in bed all day on your Sunday off, go for it! If you want to hop on a train and explore, go ahead! If you waste your free time on things you don’t really want to do, you’ll drive yourself crazy!


Staying sane around show-time

  • Don’t compare yourself to the models, it’s very easy to say, I know, but remember it’s their job to look like that. Try surrounding yourself with positivity and acknowledge that beauty is not just skin-deep. Keeping positive in whatever way you want to is the key – try remembering things you love about yourself, or follow some lovely people on Instagram who aren’t conventionally model-esque.

  • Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep a night, don’t try convincing yourself that you can pull and all-nighter, it’s not going to work out well!

  • Keep busy while you’re working, if there’s ‘nothing to do’ and your boss is too busy to talk to, have a tidy up, organise, just find something to do – chances are, your boss will really appreciate the initiative.


Getting to sleep!


Here’s the best part, but unfortunately you don’t always get 9 hours of bed time to take advantage of, so you need to make the most of your sleep:

  • Make sure you don’t have anything left to do that day, and keep a notebook next to your bed. If you have nagging thoughts while you’re trying to sleep you may not actually be able to fall asleep, so quickly write down your thoughts.

  • Switch off your devices, or at least turn the brightness way down. Bright lights and the colour blue can keep you awake, so try to stay away from facebook, tumblr, twitter, or electrical devices in general if you can.

  • Dim the lights – remember what I said about bright lights? Yeah… moving on…

  • Try having a bath before bed, maybe even with bubbles and something lavender-scented, the smell helps you to drift off. I also recommend Epsom salts to ease achy muscles.


So now you’re going to rock it and never be stressed or tired again! Ok, that’s a lie, but just remember that you’re doing something fun and worthwhile, so just keep on keeping on!


Kind regards,


Guest writer: Erin Heeks

Hannah Rafter