Subject: I'm on my placement year... should I be doing something more?

Now, this sounds a little boring/serious doesn't it? It isn't mean to be. Well maybe it is.

If you're a university student undertaking your placement year you probably have been set a few pieces of work to complete during your year out in 'industry'. Am I right? I had to complete a logbook and report.... (Snooze) It was the worst thing ever and extremely pointless. But hey - I did it... and didn't even get a very good grade in it - so there's that. 

Maybe that was because I was too busy working London and New York fashion week?!?! Ha but hey, not bitter at all.

Anyway, if you're doing your year out in your technically "3rd" year - you've probably been told to already start thinking about your dissertation right? Yey! Joy.

Well, your teachers are right about that. When interning start to think about the area's you're are in that interest you... but it needs to interest you more than just the job itself but potentially the history behind it etc etc. Trust me, having an idea that you are passionate about or at least a topic you chose, compared to what your lecturer thinks you should do will help. 

Once you have a rough idea, even if it's a small one... START COLLECTING EMAIL ADDRESSES. Any contact you meet/ any email you send/ any business card you receive keep! You will then be able to email them for interviews when you're wiring your dissertation.

Now if you still have a Fashion monitor account or you just happened to "remember" your old companies log in - then you're set! - congratulations. 

If not, you're gonna need all the help you can get when trying to get someone to pin down for interviews.

This is also a great opportunity to re connect with those people once heading back to university. Any good employee will be interested in what your dissertation is about. I have lots and lots of friends who received jobs based on interviews they had during their dissertation. 

In case you're interested. I can't remember whether I've talked about my dissertation on here... probably have.

I wrote my dissertation on: Is feminism a passing trend on a permanent partnership: Understanding the relationship between feminism and fashion.

Yep. Hardcore and I BLOODY LOVED IT.

Also caught the attention of a few industry folk.

So pick something interesting and if you pick feminism email me - I have months of research to get you going.


Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter