`Subject: That one time with Kelly Osborne at NYFW.

Kelly Osbourne New York Fashion Week

So I’m British… therefore I must love all other British people right? That’s kind of true when thinking about Kelly Osborne but when considering people like Piers Morgan I beg to differ.

I grew up watching the Osborne’s on MTV with my sister and now age 22, I still have a huge fondness for her. With that said... Let me set the scene for you. It's New York Fashion week, and the last show of the season, “The Blondes”. I knew that Kelly Osborne and Bette Midler (I know right?!) were the VIP guests for this show. I messaged every one of family members back home with my excitement. Questions started running through my head: Would I become best friends with them? Will I therefore drop out of university? If they offered for me to work for them will I say yes? You could say I got a little ahead of myself.

So, its show time and I’m anxiously waiting for Kelly and her entourage to arrive. When they finally do it’s a PR nightmare… cameras and fans everywhere. I’m responsible for getting KO from A to B with as little stress as possible. Easy right? As I greet Kelly we automatically gel. (Kelly: feel free to drop me an email if this isn’t accurate). As I take her backstage to the VIP area she asked me who else was here… when I reply Bette Midler she naturally freaks, as we all would. She says if I were to introduce her to Bette, she’ll owe me forever. A challenge I accepted and fulfilled. With Kelly on my side I showed her to her seat and stood a few rows behind with her bodyguard, now feeling like I’m part of the crew... her crew. During the show… yes during, her body guard asks me to run through how were going to get Kelly out of the show space back into her car… I panic, I’m suddenly very unaware where the fire exits are and have to figure something out… quickly. The show is over and everyone panics and rushes to the front door, a bit like a Friday night at Waterloo station or anytime on Oxford Street. I guide Kelly backstage where I safely get her outside, I hail down Kelly’s car. At this point she says “Thank you so much for all your help, I owe my life to you. Meeting Bette was dreamy, do you want to come to an after party?’ Maybe it was the alcohol talking but hey, I'll take it!

 Yes. It's happened again, a crossroads moment where I could have said yes and my life might be completely different… or I decide to politely decline and wish I had said yes.

 I really hate to disappoint and I’m sure this story would have been a fraction cooler if I had said yes.

 But I didn’t…

Interning over partying any-day..………. career over gin any day :(


Kind regards,


The Intern

Hannah Rafter