Subject: The dreaded Interviews

God, I used to hate them. Really hate them. However, in a weird (very weird) way, I quite enjoy them now. The more confident you become in who you are professional, the easier interviews become. This could change of course when it gets to interviews for my first proper job after graduation. Maybe I’ll regret feeling confident, but for now, as I said I quite like them.


Let's go through the pros and cons.


  • You get the job
  • You get a great cup of tea and coffee out of it
  • You meet a great contact


  • You don’t get the job
  • You waste a great outfit – until the next interview!
  • Lost travel costs

Now what my wonderful mother told me is I really don’t have anything to lose. You don’t! What’s the worst that’s going to happen? You don’t get it. Yes, pretty shitty at the time but upon reflection, you would have learned a lot. I always think if you don’t get a job you want, you might get the next one that you actually would have preferred.

So, my advice to you and something I actually practice what I preach. If you can afford it, go to every interview you’re offered. It's great practice!

I’ve been in a few interviews I didn’t really want to go to but I saw it as a practice and a way of learning more about the industry almost like a mock test. I learned all the questions they asked me so I could boss the one I really wanted!


Any questions? - lets chat!

Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter