Subject: You are the brand, be the brand

If you didn't get the Miss Congeniality reference... re watch the film or watch this GIF. It's a great film.


You are the crown, Be the crown.


Anyway take it away Julie.


If you’re working for a brand or designer, embrace what the company stands for – though you may not be there forever, you are now a representative of the brand, and who knows, you may end up receiving a permanent job offer!


Embrace company culture by getting involved where you can, for example if there are events, whether internal or external. 


I was lucky to work for a brand where the company culture was truly embraced by all employees, at every level of the company. We hung out after work, we discussed exciting ideas and possibilities, and we exchanged experiences – this alone can teach you SO much, because people who’ve been in the Industry for a long time, or even coming from other industries, have some really interesting stories to share. 


A side note from Hannah - When applying for internships or even a job try and imagine yourself there. If you can't - don't apply, as you will need to live and breathe that company and if the shoe doesn't fit... you'll be walking barefoot and that's shit - ok back to you Julie.


Don’t forget to stay in touch with them once your internship ends, because you never know when your paths might cross again, or if they’d be able to provide you with valuable advice one day! 


Kind regards,


Julie Scheurl 

Hannah Rafter