Subject: Iris Apfel, Sass with a lot of class

Do you really think Iris Apfel gives a fuck what anyone thinks of her?

Ok she might of when she was 18-25 and riddled with a few insecurities but she certainly doesn't now and I love it. I dream of having that much sass at 90 or however old she is. 

Sass with a lot of class.

I've watched her documentary a few times now and every time I admire her no shits given policy. So I feel we can all adopt this attitude however hard it may be, you need to simply not give a shit sometimes.

I'm fairly lucky, I've never really cared what a lot of people thought of me when I was younger, I was more scared about what I would think of myself or what my family would think of me. I adopted very early on the attitude that if they don't like it it's their problem, this was mainly towards my friends or strangers or the older kids on the bus to school. 

Although I have come to realise that you should care about certain things, i.e. trying your hardest at school, being nice to people, the current state of the world, the fact Donald Trump might be president.


Just don't sweat the small stuff.

Who cares if the receptionist gives you a funny look?

Have you got any "small stuff" you're struggling with - consider me an agony aunt - (Childhood career insight) 


Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter