Subject: Office Dynamics

Now if you’re like me… you get along with pretty much everyone. There are only a few out there that would really have to have backward views or call me “the intern” in order for me to not like them. Anyway, every company has a different office dynamic - whether it’s the managers’ v the assistants, the interns v the rest of the office or actually a place where everyone works in a fair and friendly way. Well, none of the companies I have worked for have the dubious reputation of certain high profile magazines where you’re not allowed to stare at the CEO or look them in the eye.

When you walk into a new company for the first time, try to suss them out. Get a feel for how other people treat each other as well as figuring out where the interns fit in. Once you have that established and in a weird dominating way, find your place and stick to it. However, that doesn’t stop you from being on first name terms and become best friends with the staff at the nearby restaurants, PA’s, caretakers (of course) and head of departments. I don’t think it matters what kind of position they have in the company it matters what kind of person they are and that they can see you are sincere, hardworking and friendly. Fake sincerity never works.


If you gel you gel, and don’t let your position of the mere intern affect that.

Hey. Being respected by someone in an important position can make the job worthwhile.


Kind regards,

The Intern


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Hannah Rafter