Subject: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Some people love talking about themselves 💁🏼and others hate it. Either way you have to be good at when networking. I try and go to 1 event a week and speak to 1 new person a week, which means I Introduce myself and what I do on a weekly basis (💤). This may seem an easy task but trust me it's not.

Narrowing down the “impressive” things you’ve done for the past 5 years is tough, especially when you’re unsure which things are the most important. I suggest printing out your CV/Resume and highlighting the things you enjoyed most, the jobs you learnt the most on and the areas that are most relevant for what you want to do or currently do.

Then hand the highlighted doc to a stranger or someone who doesn't really care about career (this would be my best friend 😒) then ask them to pick 5 things that they think are the most impressive. 9/10 they will pick the things that others will also find impressive. You now have you list of 5 things you can ramble on about when meeting someone new.

YOU’RE WELCOME. (It took me 5 years to learn this)

Kind Regards,

The Intern



Hannah Rafter