Subject: Company Snobbery

We are all guilty of it. Company snobbery I mean. The misconception that if you don't intern for a well know company you will fail. Every 18 year old wants to intern for their favourite fashion brand or magazine. When I was applying everyone wanted to work for Topshop, Zara, ASOS and I’m guessing 3 years on they are still the favourites. Well, with an array of companies under my belt I can tell you interning for the most popular company doesn’t always mean a good experience. Companies’ aren’t stupid, they know their position, they know there desired and “everyone” wants to work for them. The reality is, it’s most likely going to be unpaid and they will give you the meaningless jobs. One very VERY popular fashion magazine is known for this. They know all you want is that one glowing company reference on your CV.

So now let’s all take a step back a second… this was something I had to remind myself of frequently. Why are you interning? To learn what area you want to go into right? So surely the company shouldn’t matter, obviously you want to enjoy it and you wanted a wicked reference on your CV… but you never know what company will be popular in a year. Take my first internship with Emilia Wickstead – yes an up and coming designer at the time and now 3 years on, I never miss an issue of Vogue that features her designs,  she’s got red carpet awards coming left right and center. So don't judge – get rid of that company snobbery – it doesn't work!

Working for a smaller company “less well known” you will be guaranteed to get more responsibility, be respected more in the team and have a more fulfilled experience. Just because they are people you have never heard of or the company doesn't mean professionals in the industry haven’t.

Nearly every company I worked with after my internship at EW mentioned how impressive it was that I had worked for her and how much they were a fan.

So, don't adopt a narrow attitude and be a label snob. There’s enough of them in the industry let’s not add any more.

Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter