Subject: Whats with the name?

I won’t pretend that I planned my blog name all along, I didn’t. Someone took the one I wanted so I had to think of a new one in about 5 minutes.

Saying that though, I like it and it plays on what people think interning in fashion is like. “ No one knows your name and you just get called “ The Intern” right? That’s kind of true. It only happened to me once and if you knew me – you don’t but you will soon, you’d know I don’t take well to stuff like that; my answer is always some sarcastic joke that would make the other person feel slightly more uncomfortable than I did. Do call me Hannah. But anyway – I got called The Intern by someone who had been working at the company for less time than I had (I know right).  The 247 is self explanatory I hope? I basically work a lot. I enjoy it though, it’s addictive once you get started and see the benefits. I’m not saying I own every designer handbag under the sun and I’m a certainly not best friends with Anna Wintour. However, working in the fashion industry even as an intern has its perks. Dancing with Solange Knowles, having drunk hugs with Henry Holland and having Kelly Osborne say she owes her life to me. I’ll save those stories for another time.

Enough already!

Kind Regards,

The Intern

P.S I hope you understand the point of my signing off my posts with kind regards, the hilarious formal email format that’s drilled into you day one. Well I had to explain it now, which defeats the point. But you get it…

Hannah Rafter