Subject: Tess Mcgill

 Shall we all just take a moment of appreciation for the glasses...

Has anyone every told you that you have a body for sin? No? Hm. Strange, because that's what Melanie Griffith, star of the 80's classic "Working Girl," would love to hear still rings true. (If you haven't seen "Working Girl," you will not get this reference. It's supposed to be light humor. Ha. Ha. Ha.) More importantly... watch it.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce a new series here on The Intern 247, a set of pieces focusing on fabulous female powerhouses-- in the movies. Because who doesn't like movies and female powerhouses. The prerequisites to qualify? Any working gal who kicks butt, stands up for herself and pursues her dreams in the face of adversity. What more do you need to inspire you to get up, be that Intern, (24/7), and rule the world? (Coffee.) 

So, given my earlier reference, I'm sure you can guess who I'll be spotlighting this week! That's right, Tess McGillTess McGill, secretary turned C.E.O. in a matter of months. To be fair, Tess does this secretively slash kind of illegally when her boss is injured in a skiing accident, but what's not to like? It is the movies after all...

Tess is one of those winning characters you'd have to be heartless not to root for. Her 80's apparel is CLASSIC. Shoulder pads, unnecessary ruffles, absurd lingerie, galore! The film expertly captures this age of excess, and conveys the rampant workplace sexism of the time. When Tess schedules a meeting with her male boss, she is blown away by his unsubtle come-on's. Ick! It's hard for me to imagine facing any of this nowadays. Although, surely, it's still present... it must be... right?

Studying away at night and working all day, Tess struggles to balance her professional goals with her personal life. Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford play her love interests (of course), drawing in another layer of intrigue, playfulness and fun, and Sigourney Weaver portrays Tess's injured boss. 

There are moments that seem a little single-white-female to me, but you have to ignore and it enjoy the greater message: if you set your mind to something, no matter what the circumstances, you can surely achieve your dreams! (The other message? Listen to Carly Simon's "Let the River Run" on the Staten Island Ferry if you're in need of some positivity.)

If you have a favourite movie powerhouse let us know.


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