Subject: Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton freaking out will always be my favorite. From "The First Wives Club" to "Something's Gotta Give," Ms. Keaton captures panic in a way that I seriously relate to. If I were to throw a tantrum, I could only hope that mine would be half as dramatic as Ms. Keaton's. She’s so relatable, and along with that, she’s hysterical. Have you ever seen a sibling or a friend unnecessarily lose their shit? You know when you can't help but laugh? That's Ms. Keaton freaking out onscreen in a nutshell. For our next Intern 24/7 feature on powerhouse working ladies, I've decided to focus on "Baby Boom," that fabulous 1987 RomCom your mom is always talking about. Starring none other than Diane Keaton! She. Has. An. Epic. Meltdown. To. End. All. Meltdowns.

Diane Keaton plays boss lady J.C. Wiatt— the Manhattan consultant to know. When a long lost cousin passes away and leaves J.C. with her toddler Elizabeth, J.C. is sent into a tizzy. All is well until it becomes painfully clear that J.C. simply can’t balance her “5 to 9” job anymore. So, the ultimate career woman decides to uproot herself and Baby Elizabeth, and move to Vermont.

Be warned! J.C. does not take this adjustment well. At least, initially. Her new house is actually not so new. It’s falling apart! Frozen pipes, a caved in roof, shitty plumbing, all the typical fears of a new homeowner confirmed. One would think all was lost…However, here’s where J.C. becomes our movie role model of the week— J.C. takes these setbacks in stride, and creates a new business! An apple sauce business called “Country Baby,” modeled after the meals she makes for Elizabeth.

There’s serious comedy built into this plot, and a wonderful romance between the gorgeous Sam Shepard and Ms. Keaton. Ultimately, what makes Ms. Keaton’s character so winning is her unparalleled perseverance.  

For Interns, it offers a great takeaway message: First, balancing your professional and personal life can be difficult. Compromises and sacrifices may have to be made along the road, but never fear! Your path is your own, and it’s what makes you unique, special and honestly, kickass. Second, unexpected success can come out of a seemingly silly discovery. Maybe that dream you had last night might be a great way to steer your brand narrative! Use your experiences to be entrepreneurial, break out of the mold and direct your destiny. After all, J.C.'s "Country Baby" was borne out of necessity!

And, if you need to freak out along the way, I suggest mirroring Ms. Keaton’s efforts.

You can’t go wrong. 


Kind regards,


Hannah Rafter