Subject: Intern Gift Guide

So yes, that means the items are in $$$$ don't worry a british one is coming.

Being an Intern, especially a paid Intern, means occasionally treating yourself to that "blah blah blah" that you've been wanting for AGES! However, come the Holiday season, Holiday Gift Guides can get pretty overwhelming. I always get bogged down by what I want and what I need. Lucky for you, I've created an Intern specific Gift Guide-- for all your interning needs. :) Seriously. Every item on this list will be used for the rest of your internship AND beyond. I guarantee it.

1. Ben Amun, Ring Around Necklace ($660): No one can ever go wrong with a statement necklace, and if this particular model isn't your jam, have no fear! There are tons to choose from-- at a whole range of prices. Dressing up a casual outfit has never been so easy. Trust me, throw this around your neck and you'll be golden to attend any lunch meeting (and take notes...). 

2. Clare V., Flat Clutch ($215): I can't get enough of Clare V. and this flat clutch is the perfect mini-bag for all your personal needs. A place to hide those pesky tampons, that contact solution, a Nutrigrain bar,  you get it. 

3. Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer ($195): There's nothing sunnier than this gorgeous blow dryer! Wake up each morning and chase away the cold with a good burst of hot air. I love all Drybar products, particularly there Blow Dryer. After all, they are known for giving some of the best blow dries around. Invest in this baby and your hair will look movie-star-styling everyday. 

4. Etoile Isabel Marant, Daker Shell Trench Coat ($430): Nothing like a long, lightweight raincoat to keep that perfectly coiffed hair dry! I love this color, and Isabel Marant's Etoile has great quality coats. I prefer olive green, but if you're looking for something brighter, J. Crew has some wild plaids to choose from.

5. Friends, Layla Leather and Iridescent Metal Headphones ($170): Whether you're taking the subway, the tube or the metro, sometimes you need to clear your mind for a few moments-- and blast your new favorite song! (Anyone else listening to John Legend's new song? Too good. Great music video.) These are funky and unique. You'll definitely not lose them.

6. Lipstick Queen, Frog Prince ($25): I love adding color to my lips, especially in the dead of Winter. Frog Prince, although it looks green, actually creates this fabulous pinky-red stain. I use my Frog Prince religiously, and always get compliments on the color choice.

7. Sugar Paper, Chambray Agenda ($48): LA-based Sugar Paper is where I like to buy all my fun office supplies. If you're like me, and still use that antiquated thing called a pen to write up your plans, take a peek at Sugar Paper's chambray agenda. This item is on MY Christmas list, and I'm so looking forward to ripping it open on December 25th. 

Kind regards,

Avery Carmichael

Hannah Rafter