Subject: Student - Intern - Teacher

Weird right? And if you didn't get what I meant from the title I recently gave a Lecture at university. Although over the past few months I've spoken to a lot of students I again, realised I haven't told you about it. So thought I would.

Its weird, because as I said I speak to students so often or young people start out in fashion I never realised that lecturing could be something that I would be interested in. When really I've been doing it all along - teaching people about what the industry is like. Not lecturing. Let me know if this feels like a lecture...

I was nervous when I was about to give the lecture. It felt strange that I am someone who has just come out of university herself  - so why should I be teaching people the way? Anyway as the day went on I spoke about myself/my achievements/this website and any I have for people who are about to start in the industry. Although I find it uncomfortable talking about myself for that long it did feel good to know you're helping or giving back.

Upon reflecting on the day, it made me think that we teach people all the time. We give advice daily, we help others out daily. So it's no different. 

If you ever get someone who asks to speak to you about your experiences or things you've learnt, help them out! Remember what it was like for you when you were starting out.

Karma n all that.

Kind regards,

The Intern 

Hannah Rafter