Subject: The Who's Who On Instagram

A warm welcome to our latest freelance writer - Jamie Benz

Take it away Jamie.

Instagram is home to your friends, family and favorite celebrities and brands. The app can also be your best friend throughout your tenure as an intern, especially in the fashion industry. You can learn about a fashion editor’s daily routine by watching his/her Stories, view the latest collections from top fashion designers by scrolling through a feed and read about upcoming trends from bloggers by clicking the link in the bio. Whether you use this information to prepare for a job interview or just to fulfill your love of style, Instagram can make you vastly more prepared to take on the fashion world.

Below is a round-up of my currently most-loved fashion influences and insiders to help you on your intern quest. They’ll show you the ins and outs of the fashion world without ever making you leave your home.



WHO IS SHE: Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire, E!News Correspondent, Project Runway All Stars Mentor & Co-Founder of Milk Makeup


WHY FOLLOW HER: I want to first mention that after watching Zanna mentor the fashion designers on Project Runway All Stars, I realized that she is one of the kindest people you may ever meet. Not everyone is like that in the fashion world so that in and of itself is a reason to emulate her. If you take 30 seconds to scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll probably become overwhelmed by the number of hats she wears. Plus, she’s a British beauty! Her Instagram will let you travel from magazine photoshoots to pilates classes to dinners with industry experts to naptime with her kids. Honestly, if I did all of her jobs for only a week, I’m fairly sure I would need to follow up with a month-long vacation. If you ever have any doubt that you can have it all, go check out her feed for inspiration!


RACHEL ZOE (@rachelzoe) - Duh

WHO IS SHE: CEO of Rachel Zoe, Inc. & Editor of The Zoe Report


WHY FOLLOW HER: I became obsessed with all things Rachel Zoe when her TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project, first aired in 2008. If you want to watch her journey from celebrity stylist to full-fledged fashion designer, definitely watch it! You can find episodes on iTunes and elsewhere. My whole point in mentioning her is to show that making it big in the fashion world is totally possible, but it comes with trials and tribulations along the way. Rachel struggled with her staff, with her priorities and with her vision as a fashion designer. However, her feed is proof that your passion is worth the hard work. She’ll post photos of everything from her favorite red carpet looks to events with celebrities and fashion moguls (including Diane von Furstenberg). She’s consistent with tagging the people she works with so you might find other important fashion moguls to follow!


EVA CHEN (@evachen212)

WHO IS SHE: Head of Instagram’s fashion collaborations & previous Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine


WHY FOLLOW HER: I instantly fell in love with Eva’s unique style after initially finding her Instagram through Rachel Zoe’s photo. Her captions can brighten any stressful intern moment, too. A large portion of her day is spent in the mini conference room at the Instagram offices interviewing celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Nina Ricci as well as fashion bloggers like Arielle Charnas. Yes, she shares it all in her Stories feed! She even somehow finds time to post her accessories from the backseat of her car. She consistently tags the brands she’s wearing, which I really appreciate since not all fashion insiders make the effort. Overall, since Eva is rooted in the social media industry, she provides a fresh perspective on the business of fashion.

Side note from The Intern - She is my favourite person ever on Instagram. One word: INSTAGRAM STORIES. Ok that was two. 


VOGUE RUNWAY (@voguerunway)

WHO ARE THEY: Vogue magazine’s first-hand accounts of style and fashion shows


WHY FOLLOW THEM: I love following Vogue Runway because I get to experience fashion week and go behind-the-scenes of the fashion world without having to deal with stressful traffic or weather. I can literally sit in bed and view looks from the Tory Burch and Proenza Schouler shows. Not only is their feed and Stories full of video snippets from the runway, but you also get to follow them backstage to hang out with models. They provide commentary on fashion shows and link style inspiration in their bio. This account will keep you updated on designer trends and industry events.



WHO IS SHE: Fashion Consultant & Blogger

WHY FOLLOW THEM: Being a fashion blogger, Ashleigh’s feed is naturally filled with outfit of the day photos. But she’s not your typical blogger. Her website, The Daileigh, doubles as a place to share blogging and style advice. Her online workshops cover a range of blogging topics: starting a website from scratch, defining your fashion brand, monetizing your website, etc. Her feed keeps you updated on new workshops she’s hosting as well as her recent blog posts, which have included tips on how to navigate fashion week and ways to develop your personal style. She also offers wardrobe styling so if you’re an intern who is unsure about what to wear to the office, she’s got you covered!


REFINERY29 FASHION (@r29fashion)

WHO ARE THEY: A fashion branch of the website and media brand, Refinery29


WHY FOLLOW THEM: This Refinery29 feed is one of my favorites because it’s not just about the fashion. It’s about empowering women who work in the fashion industry and celebrating different voices and walks of life. Their feed is full of the newest designer presentations, outfit inspiration and Story takeovers by fashion insiders. There’s such an unparalleled diversity within their feed that keeps your interest. They also have an account tailored specifically for the UK (@refinery29uk)!


JULIE SARINANA (@sincerelyjules)

WHO IS SHE: Fashion Blogger


WHY FOLLOW HER: Jules has turned her blog, Sincerely Jules, into a full blown brand. Her Instagram feed is calming and defines both my clothing and wanderlust goals. She has that effortless, beachy style that we all strive to achieve. You can watch her work with companies like Revolve Clothing and Cartier as well as build her own clothing line. If you’re an intern or a blogger newbie with the ultimate goal of creating your own clothing brand, she’s the perfect inspiration. And her perpetual tan makes me so jealous!


EMILY WEISS (@emilywweiss)

WHO IS SHE: Founder & CEO of Glossier


WHY FOLLOW HER: Emily is the definition of a #girlboss. If you were addicted to the show, The Hills, then Emily might look familiar. She only appeared in one episode (correct me if I’m wrong), but she was an NYC Teen Vogue intern at the time. Fast forward to 2010, Emily founded Glossier, Inc, a makeup company with the goal of making beauty accessible to everyone. Sidenote: I’m obsessed with Glossier’s highlighter called Haloscope! You can watch her navigate the beauty industry while trying to grow her brand and introduce new products. During times when interning is stressful, Emily’s feed is a reminder that interns can become immensely successful powerhouses.

Kind regards,

Jamie Benz

Hannah Rafter