Subject: This Girl Knows Glass

My dear friend and fellow intern Tess Garcia wrote a beautiful poem for Teen Vogue that I would love to share with you in light of all the madness that's happening on in the world right now.

Tess is one of the smartest people I know and for 18 she sure has her shit together. I met her in New York when she was just 17 and to watch all the amazing things she's doing now is super inspiring. Push yourself people, get your voice heard and don't be afraid to tell people what you think.


Share it, Love it, Follow her, Support one another


Girls Know Glass

By Tess Garcia

I punched through a window when I was 6 years old

I was angry and had nowhere else to put that feeling
so I stuffed it into my tiny white fist. 

Now I'm 18
And I break through glass every day
It shatters between my fingers when I decide to raise my hand in class
No matter how often I’m called a know-it-all
I smash it beneath my heels when I tell a cat-caller that he'd better watch his mouth
It crumbles with the pitter-patter of my keyboard as I articulate my passions for the world to see (thanks, Twitter). 

Everywhere I go, I see girls breaking glass
It’s a substance we are forced to know well
The femme in my Spanish class knocks it to the ground when she proclaims her preferred pronouns
The Nigerian girl next door rips shards out of her scalp when she decides to wear her hair naturally
My little sister laughs until the glass melts, spinning it into the muse for her beautiful drawings
Each of us dismantles our own glass ceiling by simply stepping outside.

There are some types of glass that still won't budge
Resisting every punch, stomp, and kick
They’re the type that become stronger when the sun goes down
The variety that push me to call a cab rather than walk the five minutes home
Sometimes, I let the glass win because I know I’d get hurt trying to break it.

A young woman is made of a myriad of things
She defies some expectations on a regular basis
While relenting to others just to stay safe
These everyday incidents are our glass ceilings
They were created by those who fear us
Those who stop at nothing to hold us back
It’s up to us, every girl who has known barriers
To stomp with our intellect
Kick with our passion
Smash with all we have ever worked for
We will force the glass-makers to realize how much we could change their world. 

Today, I welcome that feeling like an old friend
To demolish something that had once appeared unyieldingly sturdy
That moment was my first taste of what it meant to break boundaries
I don’t regret punching the window that day
What can I say? Girls know glass.




Hannah Rafter