Subject: Time To Wonder

No, I didn't spell 'Wondr' wrong. I'll tell you why.

When I was at university, actually it was probably further back than that, maybe sixth form college, I used to have word documents filled with links on my computer. These links were filled with articles I had liked, interesting websites I had found, things I wanted for Christmas, inspiration for home decor, you get the idea. But they were mainly links to new stories or ideas that would help me with my school work and I'm sure I'm not the only ex student out there that can safely say we saved 'links' like no tomorrow. 

Now I'm 22 and have been out of university for 6 months, I still do all of the above but in my work life, ending up at the end of 2016 with endless open tabs of things I need to read but will never have time - the story of every working adult's life! 

So where is this going? I was invited to review a start up company called WONDR and let me tell you all it's left me all excited. WONDR is a company that allows you to save content you find either through the web or through WONDR and organise it into “Wondrs” (I'll explain what they are in a minute).

Yes, I know - amazing. The reason I'm mentioning this company is because I so desperately wish I had it when I was younger but am so excited that it's nearly here.

So I decide to delve a little deeper to satisfy my curiosity and I learned even more about what they can offer so decided to share it with you.

As well as being able to Stash things found from around the web you can also get reaaal creative and devise your own projects, which are called Wondrs (cute right?), and store the things that matter to you.

I think it's super important to have one place in life to organise and sort out what's going on in your head. It will not only release the anxiety of losing that really important article you must read, but it also allows you to set goals and targets for all your aspirations.

Nothing that frustrates me more is when someone tells you about something they love but they've forgotten the name or can't remember where they found it. 

Don't panic, I'm not like that. Well it won't happen now you've got Wondr.

Here's the website for you to sign up.

Get ready to organise your thoughts. 


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Kind regards,


The Intern

Hannah Rafter