Subject: I work in fashion... so obviously I did a Juice Cleanse

Thanks to the lovely Rob at Juicy Tox I decided to do a Juice cleanse. Firstly because I wanted to test myself but I also wanted to try something that I've heard so so many people in the fashion industry do. Now I know I've spoken before about how the fashion industry isn't about everyone being on insane diets and never eating. I still stick by that as I eat a cream cheese bagel. But I have seen a few women in my years of working in fashion doing juice cleanses which are normally associated with the fact they have their wedding day coming up or a big occasion they wanna loose a few pounds for.

Anyway, so I tried it. Why not?

You know me, ill cut the bullshit. It was hard. Really hard. I don't know if that's my fault or the fact I just love bread and cheese too much.

I will be honest it was only ever hard in the evenings because I was at work events or meetings in the evenings so I was constantly moving which I guess burns calories that I didn't have to burn ( a problem I've never had before... trust me) During the day I was fine - breezing through it intact but I think this was because I was insanely busy at work this week but it's when you get home and you're next to the fridge.... Top tip go straight to bed. and thats exactly what I did when I wasn't working. 

Day two I was use to it... I think my body realised I'm not taking the piss and i'm in it for the long run so it behaved itself... After getting over day 1 or 2 came day 3.. and then 4. You seriously start to reflect on how much food you eat in a day. 2 bagels and donuts and cookies and an excessive amount of diet coke really isn't great is it... well at least not at that level. I blame Friday afternoon treats... 

To round up:

Day one: Fucking hard.

Day two: A little less hard

Day three: A little easier

Day four: A professional juicer.

So anyway I guess you guys want to know how I'm feeling now (because i think you care that much ha!) I've finished and I've finally put a solid piece of food to my mouth.

Well I lost 4lbs apparently. No idea where from but that makes me excited... as you know Christmas is coming up... and we all know what that means. FOOD.

Juicing is hard and not for the foodies that's for sure but I had so much energy and the juices were realllll tasty!

My favourites were the spicy lemonade and the veg gorgeous <3

If you fancy trying it out, be ready - ill be here for emotional support.

Thanks to Rob at Juicy Tox for your emotional support.... I'm currently on my second Gin writing this.

If you want me to try another 'fashion' fad let me know. I'm game. 

Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter