Subject: Turn down for what?

Happy Saturday friends. Congrats it's the weekend!!! Let's all take a moment to be thankful for lie ins, endless hours of Netflix and being able to be hungover.

Now. This very fitting image and very relevant in how I've been feeling at the moment. Personally and in my work life. An awful film came out a few years ago called Yes Man. I never watched it... not really my cup of tea, however I could tell what it was about and the message that film was trying to portray. I guess I'm trying to send out the same message except you don't have to watch a horrendous film to find it out.

Say yes to stuff!!! and every time you're thinking of turning something down ask yourself why are you turning it down? What's around the corner that's better. The unknown in fashion is scary, especially when considering turning down a job or working an event or a great opportunity. You don't know what you'll be offered in a month... will you even be offered anything? 

When I would apply for a bunch of internships without properly considering whether I would enjoy them or benefit from them, it would leave me with questions when I was offered the job, or when I was offered an interview. I was unsure whether I really wanted it and my mum (very on trend) would say... Hannah turning it down for what? She was being honest, brutally honest, but she was right I didn't have employers queueing at the door to have me working for them so I had no right to be picky.

So after some tough love from Mum I said yes to the internship... and it was the gorgeous Emilia Wickstead... and if i would have turned down that opportunity it would have killed me now, knowing how crazy talented she is.

Make sure you understand your situation and know what saying no means.

So I'm living from don't say no... unless you have to, like a man offering you sweets in a park.


Kind regards,


The Intern 

Hannah Rafter