Subject: Happy 1st Birthday The Intern 247

We did it!!!

Well, I don't know why I'm saying we... I've met very few of you guys and those who I have met are late adopters – but great to meet you.

Email me if you've been reading this little old thing since day one. It would be good to chat with you. (No Mum not you!)

Anyway, yes! The Intern 247 has been up and running for a whole year! What?! If I'm honest I thought it would last a month, firstly because I didn't think I could write and secondly I thought people would find my stories or me, well…boring.

So thank you to everyone who has read the blog, still reads it, shares it, continues to put up with my bad grammar, ‘likes’ a photo on Instagram, sends me emails, oh and thanks to those who have sneakily found out who I am and added me on LinkedIn.

Thank you to my freelance writers - you know who you are, obviously - you make The Intern 247 more interesting.

Thank you to the brands who kindly send me stuff, mainly the food companies - you make me real happy.

Thanks to the BBC producers for reading this blog and for sitting me next to the deputy editor of Vogue. Still think you got the wrong gal.

Thanks to Bond Twenty in LA for sharing my opinions on your platform.

And thanks to my family for calling me out on my horrific spelling and for pushing me to carry on writing.

So here's to another year. Unless you aren't really interested in this... or in fact google analytics lied and no one actually reads this blog except my mum.

Thanks for being great.

Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter