Subject: Graduating

During university people tend to think that you're constantly thinking about finishing university and graduating, however that’s for the short term. The long term mind set also includes life after university. What the hell am I  going to do once I leave this bubble? 


What will I going to do with my degree? Will my degree mean anything?


What career path will I going to choose?


Do I want to choose the career path similar to my degree?

These are all scary thoughts... don't worry we've all been there.


These questions will start to preoccupy your mind and probably cause way more stress than is needed. But fear not, to get the ideal graduate internship/job it's all about researching and starting early, so you can hopefully secure something before you leave. Everyone dreads it, but the process of securing your dream internship/job is not as frightening as you think.


and if it is... you can always go travelling.


Sabrina Jones, a recent Kingston Psychology graduate, described the process of getting her graduate internship of being a learning mentor for children.


“I chose the job as it ties in with my psychology degree and because I didn't receive a lot of support in school so I wanted to help others not go through what I went through,” 


The application/interview process could be the most difficult and stressful part, depending what career path you choose, taking in account some require you to do test screenings and interview tasks for the role. However, no matter how long and exhausting it is, be on your “A game” at all times because it will certainly pay off at the end.


“The application process I found pretty simple as I had to only write a short statement as to why they should give me the job. When I got interviewed however, the interview was hard as I had to do two tests to check my maths and English." GCSE'S may home back to haunt you after all...


And then you got the waiting game, finding out whether you have the internship or not. You think waiting for your GSCE/A-level results are bad, this is worse because your mind keeps replaying and analysing every second of that interview, from the words that are said to the body language from you and the interviewer. Also, this is going to be a starting position for your life-

long career, which will add stability for your future and lifestyle. You don’t know whether you did enough to beat the competition to secure it, yet not knowing what the interviewer thinks of you.


The outcome of the waiting game stage can go one of two ways. Either you’re happy and relieved, knowing you got the role or disheartened and disappointed. Sabrina was one of the lucky one being successful of getting her role:


At the end of the day, as well as thinking about finishing university, you also need to sort out life after university as well. It may be hard to juggle, and the outcomes of applying for the internships/jobs may not be in your favour, however the main point of the process is to be tenacious and determine like Sabrina.


Giving up and grovelling about it won’t make the situation any easier! Ay men sister.


So like they say to most graduates “the world is your oyster”; you just got to make the most of it and go for it! 


To follow Sabrina on her progression after university, her blog is 


Kind regards,


Arike Idris

Hannah Rafter