Subject: The Intern becomes the Internee

Wait does that make sense? Probably not. It's funny the day of my final exam for university my friends on the walk to the exam hall suggested I may have dyslexia. Which is funny seeing as I write a blog, my current job is a Fashion Editor. Anyway there is some truth in that, my loving parents and sister have reminded me several times my inability to spell or proof read. 

You don’t mind do you? Few spelling mistakes here and there? Hey I’m human.

Anyway back to the story. So, as you know… I have a job. I knew there was a possibility in my lifetime I might have an intern in my line of work. I didn’t realise it would be so soon. It’s strange. Really strange.

I find myself understanding my previous bosses a lot more. Why they reacted certain ways. I constantly remind myself that I was in their position a year ago. So of course, championing interns in fashion is my private job in the form of advice-giving. But now I have one, I am responsible for their progress and their performance. Ill tell you this now guys, having an intern is a lot of work, the responsibility to make sure they are learning, enjoying themselves but mainly making sure they are an asset to your company. There is nothing worse that constantly putting energy and time into someone who doesn’t care or doesn’t want to be there.

So here are my top 5 tips to being a good intern (from the other side)

> Ask questions! There is nothing worse than as a boss setting someone some work, then they complete it and have done it wrong because they were too scared to ask of help. Just ask if your unsure!

> Don't have any work? Ask! Don't just sit there.

> Don't see us as the enemy. Need a day off? Need to go home early? Want to start later tomorrow? Just ask. We are all not scary.

> Ask us for advice thats not work related. My current intern asked me for some advice about being an intern, getting an internship and working in fashion in general. It's not a bad thing! I don't suddenly think she's going to leave my company. I think... she's inquisitive and wants to learn.

> Suggest and contribute! Don't just sit there and do your work. Join conversation, suggest ideas. You will learn 10 times more! And so will your employers.

If you adopt all of these tips and get fired. Don't panic, email me and ill sort you out.

As a boss, someone who employs and looks after interns…

Do you have any questions?

Kind regards,

The Intern 

Hannah Rafter