Subject: Name refresher?

I won’t pretend that I planned my blog name all along, I didn’t. Someone took the one I wanted so I had to think of a new one in about 5 minutes.

Saying that though, I like it and it's plays on what people think interning in fashion is like. “ No one knows your name and you just get called “ The Intern” right? I beg to differ... however it did happen to me once. If you knew me – you'd know I don’t take well to stuff like that; my answer is always some sarcastic joke that would make the other person feel slightly more uncomfortable than I did. Do call me Hannah. But anyway – I got called The Intern by someone who had been working at the company for less time than I had (I know right).  The 247 is self-explanatory I hope? Interns have a great rep of working extremely hard, a little too hard. 

So that's me... the story behind the name isn't as exciting as what actually happens when interning. Trust me.


Kind Regards,


The Intern

Hannah Rafter