Subject: The three S's

I am fanatical about maintaining a perfect morning routine. After all, what's the point of starting the day off wrong when you could start it off oh-so-right? Each and everyday before work, I make it my mission to stick to the three 'S's': Spin, Shower and Sip. I understand that these are slightly-to-very vague terms, so let me elaborate. 


With the knowledge that I'll most likely be seated in front of a computer for several hours, regardless of how exhausted I am, I always show up to spin class. Low impact cardio is my jam, and I can't seem to get enough of being yelled at to 'tap it back!' as my eyes slowly open. Exercising in the morning is key, as it frees up your evening, gives you a hearty boost of endorphins and allows you to sweat out all of last night's mistakes. (I'm talking late night macaroni and cheese here, people. Not cocktails.) Always be sure to pack an extra bag for your sweaty gym clothes, and never forget a fresh pair of underwear. As someone who has made that mistake before, I beg of you, remember!


Next, showering. This one's self explanatory, but it's another morning essential. I have always been an a.m. shower-er, and that's not going to change any time soon. If spinning hasn't woken you up, or whatever form of cardio you choose to partake in, a shower certainly will! Timesaver tip: Shower at your gym. There's no need to trudge back home, especially when the water pressure is probably better at the gym than at your apartment. Not to mention, gym showers always have the best array of toiletries! 

Finally, whether you pick up a cup of coffee, a green juice or a smoothie, don't forget to treat yourself to a sip of something yummy. I need caffeine, so you won't ever find me drinking a green juice, but I've heard they're great! (Point blank, just not my thing. Oh well.) Walking into the office feeling exercised, cleaned and caffeinated feels incredible. You've already covered so many bases, and it's only 8 am! How cool is that? Give my 'S's' a try, and see how you feel. I'd love to hear if you have any of your own tips!


Kind regards,


Avery Carmichael

Hannah Rafter