Subject: Why I didn't Eat Pray Love

Firstly it completely looks like I'm 'Eat Pray Loving' in this photo. I'm aware of that. Well maybe I was 'Eat Pray Loving'...


Now before I sound like a spoilt brat let's have a little disclaimer, I'm well aware how fortunate I am. I go on nice holidays and am well travelled. I have very cool parents who enjoy going on holiday as much as I do, and until the day comes when they don't offer me to join them for 2 weeks in Greece I will continue to reap the benefits.


Anyway - what I really want to talk about is why I didn't take GAP YAR. I never took a significant amount of time before going to uni to go travelling and I have just graduated and dove straight into the world of work.


A few of you nosy bunch have asked me why. Great question. I'm not actually sure, I guess part of it was I've been so fortunate to visit lots of different places and cultures growing up. But I have never had that burning desire to ride elephants in Thailand or sit on THAT famous swing in Bali.


I'm the type of person, if I'm curious I'll try it and if I'm not, I won't bother.


I mean don't get me wrong, if any travel companies reading this wants to send me to one of these places for free - go right ahead (you can find my contact details on the site)


After college I was so ready to escape from what I was use to... I was so intrigued by what university would be like and I was really ready to make new friends. So the desire to finally learn 1 topic, that was solely of my choosing was more tempting to me than any full moon party or sand bucket of whiskey. I mean...


During uni as you know I took a placement year - which to remind some of you newer readers is a year out of university to gain as much experience as possible in your field. I spent some of that time in New York. This to me was my version of being independent, travelling, finding yourself, finding out who you are bla bla bla. Before going away to New York, before I really decided to go I had the feeling of wanting to escape again. I'd just spent a year working and hustling hard in London and I wanted so desperately to escape to somewhere new. So that summer in New York was my Asia for 4 months. 


and it was fucking amazing.


After I graduated I had everything already mapped out for me. I freelanced at the end of uni and that freelance work turned into a shiny new job waiting for me as soon as I finished. Although I had to the choice to turn it down and go travelling - it seemed like a no brainer to me.


I guess some people find out who they are through drinking a Chang on a gorgeous Thai beach or cycling in Vietnam (shout out to my older sisters 'Eat Pray Love' moment) but I think I'm finding myself through working in the challenging, crazy, slightly weird world of fashion.


Wait does that sound lame? I guess it does. But it's true. Every time I've had the opportunity to take a lot of time off I haven't.


I've picked working in fashion. 


Maybe when I'm 30 I'll quit my job, move to some remote place and live off the land. But for now, London isn't too bad.


Where's been your eat pray love moment? 


Kind regards,


The Intern

Hannah Rafter