Subject: That chafe though

Let me set the scene: It’s just a normal workday. You’re wearing your cute, coordinated skirt and blouse combination. You look great. You feel great. The sun is beating down, and you’re craving a little tanning time. When you enter the office, you sit, dutifully check your email, grab yourself a cup of something warm, the works. However, just a few hours later, after running the requisite coffee, copy and delivery runs, you’re regretting ever having wished for sun. Sweat is dripping down your face, back, legs—out of every orifice. You look less than great, and you feel less than great. Why? Because you’re starting to chafe. In the worst way.


Tell me you haven’t experienced this! Because if you haven’t, I need to know your secret. Otherwise, if you’re like me, I’m gonna let you in on some less than ladylike tips for avoiding inner thigh chafing. And the best part? All my suggestions are inspired by items you should already have around the house! At the very least, each product has multiple uses, and is a fantastic one-size-fits-all solution for a bunch of intimate ailments. 


1.     Deodorant acts as a great, glide on, wash off tool to rub between your legs. This is my go-to for beating the chafe in the summer heat. Sure, it feels strange at first, but once you begin to reap the benefits, you will be praising me. I’d be far more inclined to use deodorant while wearing shorts—mainly because the invisible, solid formula is less visible to the naked eye.


2.     Vaseline is especially good for those sweltering days spent traipsing around in skirts or dresses. Why? It is oh-so long lasting. Just a pea sized dollop will ward off that painful rub, reducing friction with ease. Vaseline’s consistency is slick, smooth and easy on sensitive skin. It also helps to heal the damage already done by previous chafe-moments. Unfortunately, due to its shiny nature, I’d recommend avoiding shorts or inner thigh baring articles of clothing.


3.     Dabbing a little baby powder in your trouble areas is a soothing, gentle way to fight chafing. Remember, this powder is recommended for those with the most sensitive skin—babies—so you’re definitely gonna be feeling good after a few days of treatment. Baby powder will surely prevent pesky moisture buildup, which usually intensifies chafing.


Kind regards,


Avery Carmichael

Hannah Rafter