Subject: Front Row Gossip

The front row is commented on more than the clothes in some cases. But why is it so important? During my experiences I’ve had to ‘hold’ seats for guests, seat guests to their seats, assign seats. You name it, I’ve done it. The concept behind the front row is as follows, if the most important people sit at the front, then it tiers off until you get to standing at the back. Before it uses to be high profile editors and buyers and now I’ve bloggers and celebrities. So what’s changed? Everyone is intermixed there is no job role segregation anymore. Sadly, it’s all down to how many followers you have on Instagram. So here’s a few things I’ve noticed along the way

  • The normal fashion folk… the oldie’s if you will, people that have been around a long long time (normally the smartest) don’t really care where they sit. They are there to do their job not gain press. You’ll see them making notes, staring longingly at the clothes and NOT watching the show through their iphone.
  • The newbies, these are the first timers… they haven’t been to a show before or its their first season, they are decked out in shiney new clothing hoping/praying/longing to be shot for street style. They have the camera at the ready, a fresh bottle or water, they ask WAY to many questions and of course they are overly polite. They also tend to stick around after the show… picking up seat cards of the rich and famous and taking way to many selfie to remember the moment.
  • The bloggers, now having worked 3 seasons of fashion weeks in London and New York,  I’ve become well educated in the ‘fashion blogger’ which is funny as some, NOT me might call myself a fashion blogger. The only difference is I’m working the shows not attending them… awkward. Anyway bloggers, important bloggers anyway are very aware of themselves they know they are the ‘thing’ of the moment and they use that to their advantage. HUGELY. “Can I get backstage?” “Is there a VIP section” “Any chance I can move to a more central seating” are the common questions you get from the classic bloggers.
  • Celebrities, now some celebs depending on their ranking… ABCDEFG? Do people even call them a letter anymore? Anyway, some celebrities that aren’t as A list as others act very differently. Lets start BIG now… I’ve been around Kylie Jenner at a show before, she’s very practical and probably has been briefed on the route shell be walking, where she'll be sitting, where are the nearest bathrooms and exits. She’s prepared, she’s got this. Now the other type of celebrity… maybe a little less well known (use your imagination into who I mean) are like little deer’s in headlights, almost strange to see, they look confused, paranoid, a little nervous and uncomfortable! The limelight isn’t on them and they don’t know what to do with them. Resulting in them kind of blending in to the mixture of guests. It’s strange, weird and quite enjoyable to see at the same time.

Once you’re in the next your not? That’s how fashion works isn’t it?

Kind regards,

The Intern

Hannah Rafter