Subject: What's your addiction? Interning?

Now, I have many addictions all of the above (in a healthy way) but, and my friends will vouch for this, I love interning. I mean I created a whole blog around it. Is that sad? I went through a stage halfway through my placement year of wanting to explore, learn and do as many things as I could. I got so addicted to the learning process, the interview, the first day, then getting in the full swing of the company to being a fully working member of a team. I wanted to make as many contacts while I could.

Is that a bad thing? Should you just pick one company and stick with it? My answer defends my actions – is that the sign of an addict? I don’t think you should. Intern as much as you can while you’re young and you have the time too!

I have made so many contacts and friends through interning that I am always in touch with so I don’t regret splitting up my placement year into smaller internships. You’re only young once remember…


Kind regards,

The Intern

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Hannah Rafter