Subject: On the Road

Right here is the intern survival low down. Whether you're the head intern or just starting out you will be asked to deliver things. It cuts costs for the company you’re working with and ultimately gets the garment (I’m guessing it’s a garment) to where it needs to go quicker than any courier.

So….from doing a few of these deliveries myself you need to be smart about it.

Top 5 things to do when on a delivery.

  • Reply to your texts… let people know you’re still alive

  • Get a diet coke or coffee

  • If the day isn’t going well, get your lunch

  • Have a really quick, and I mean really quick look at Zara’s new collection

Sometimes, however, your boss might ask you to deliver something on your break or before your break. I never mind doing this... normally the job would take you to a new part of London to explore with different shops and cafes so it’s a great way to learn your way around the city, in my case London. It really is the best way to get to know the city if you walk it.

Top tips for getting to A-B as quick as possible.

  • Normally my first top tips you won’t have time for if you need to get to a magazine before they start shooting. MAJOR RUSH.

So here is what I use to get to the location as quickly as possible

  • Google maps app on your phone (ESSENTIAL)

  • TFL app

  • High phone battery

  • Friendly manner – ask a local for directions or bus drivers for a free lift

  • And of course, a good sense of direction


Any questions? - Go Crazy!

Kind regards,

The Intern



Hannah Rafter