Subject: Burning out and getting sick?

Strange I know, but when I was younger I used to love being sick, well, mildly ill at least. It meant I would miss school, get a lot of carby foods, mum and dad would feel sorry for me. It was great. What’s not to like?

But now, I hate it. Like really hate it. I enjoy having so many hours in the day! When you’re sick that gets cut in half. I luckily didn’t get ill too many times while interning. A few fainting experiences on the tube home but that’s another story and a few hungover moments following too many after work drinks. Anyway, getting sick is a part of life and not something you can really help – except when it’s self-inflicted like those hangovers I mentioned. So don’t be too hard on yourself. I always felt really, really bad if I had to miss work through illness. I always felt I was there to do a job and if I wasn’t there then the day of return would be hell! Therefore I always tried to go in.

Being an intern… some outsiders might not realise this, especially in fashion, get A LOT of responsibility. You manage your own little areas, or tasks or jobs and if you’re not there, no one does them!

Try not to let the fear of letting down your boss or a pressurised next day put you off taking a day off to help yourself. Burning out or getting overly stressed leads to you being more ill. You’re no help at work when you are ill, your boss will hate you even more for making those in the office unwell, so take one day off. Catch up on that Netflix box set, eat loads of carbs and have someone fuss over you – or treat yourself gently and just feel sorry for yourself.


All of the above will mean you will cope with ‘the hell of a day’ on your return. I promise.

Look after yourself, keep taking the vitamins.

Kind regards,

The Intern.


Hannah Rafter