Subject: The importance of mentors

When I was younger, I would think of mentors as people who celebrities had or people on tv shows like project runway or the X-factor. What I have come to realise is every industry has mentors, and sometimes mentors are peoples full-time job.

Mentors are people who you can go to with anything, mainly career focused. You can ask for weekly or monthly catch-ups to talk about your progression, career worries or any new company ideas you may have. As they will no doubt be more experienced than you. They are able to guide and advise you on what may be best. You are then able to take this information and do with it as you will! Pretty great right?! I can't stress the importance of having someone you feel you can talk to in your career, someone who doesn't work at the same company or know you personally. They are able to have a completely subjective view and only advise on whats best for you.  

I have plenty of people (mainly women) that I go to for career advice or life advice! The idea that you can ask anything to someone who has been there and done it within the industry is invaluable.

So, get adding people you admire on Linkedin - ask them for a coffee and see if they would be willing to become your mentor.

Or... you could email me... I will be selecting one lucky Intern 247 reader to have me as their mentor. for more details.

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Hannah Rafter