Subject: Interacting on Linked-in

LinkedIn should be professional, strictly professional. No-one you're connected with needs to know that it was your birthday or that you recently got engaged. They simply don't care.

But what your connections do care about is your work life, your career, and whats going on with your personal progression. So tell them. The way you will get noticed on Linked-in is by interacting with your connections and making them see you.

Remember viewing someones profile is not a bad thing! They will be notified that you have viewed them and then they might check you out also ;) Wouldn't that be nice.

Make sure you like others updates, you share something you find interesting or you put up a status or post when relevant.

Linked-in should be your new best friend, espeically if you're looking for an internship, job or career change. So get of Bumble hun and get connecting. 

Kind regards,

The Intern 

Hannah Rafter